Lonely Roads Teaser

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THE CIRCUMSTANCE SURROUNDING the birth of Afam Udemba was the kind that made you question the existence and fairness of God. From the very moment he was conceived, his life was marked to be one full of loneliness and all the suffering that came with it. He came out kicking and screaming, but perhaps if he knew what the world held in store for him, he might have reconsidered those first painful breaths. Afam was born an osu – an outcast. In Aboh, that made him a walking plague. Continue reading “Lonely Roads Teaser”


Little Red Book Teaser




I wish I could tell you I felt something, but I didn’t. I stood there, numb to the pain of my loss. In a daze I watched as they lowered his coffin into the grave, wondering how the weak box was holding up with his overweight corpse. My mind struggled to focus on the burial as I found myself drifting back to the last time I saw him. It was like any other day; actually it was like most other days. They were at it again…I wondered if they never got sick of it. The bickering, the constant biting. I wasn’t even involved but it still drove me insane just listening, watching.

‘You have been drinking again. It’s not even afternoon yet oh.’

Mother had a problem with father’s drinking. I think everyone did. But I didn’t, I just wanted to know why he did it.  Continue reading “Little Red Book Teaser”

13 Moons Teaser




‘Liar, Liar.’


‘Kill her, Kill her. Kill her!’

The words from her spectators echoed in her mind as she tried to shake herself out of what she desperately wished to be a nightmare. But there was no waking from this. The heat from the sun scorched earth reminded her of just how real her demise was. She had seen the execution ritual before, but never in her lifetime did she imagine that one day she would be one on the other end of the machete. As a spectator, it was all too easy to be detached from the reality.

‘We bring before you a lair, a whore, and she is not even one of us. What shall we do with her?’ The executioner raised his machete in the air. Continue reading “13 Moons Teaser”

Ancient and Modern (A play)

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Boss: But she is a woman…

Awkward silence

Chucks: Ermm, I thought there was more to that sentence. I was hoping you would give me a reason not to call sexist.

Boss: Which wan is sesist again?

Chucks: Never mind, 2015 is all relative. Some of us still leave in the 50ies.

Boss: If I hia. So what? Because it is 2015 women are free to be promiscuous? Continue reading “Ancient and Modern (A play)”