OUT NOW: 30/30


30/30 is a collection of short stories covering a range of issues around the self, culture, society, sex, love and relationships. It is available for FREE download on Smashwords, Okadabooks, Lulu, iBooks and other ebook retailers.


Lonely Roads: OUT NOW


LR Full Cover

Lonely Roads is available in major bookstores including The Hub (Shoprite Lekki), Glendora (Ikeja City Mall), Terrakulture Bookshop (Victoria Island), The Jazz Hole (Ikoyi) and Patabah Bookshop (Surulere) and Lanterna Books (Victoria Island). It is also available on www.ikasuwa.com to be ordered and for download on Amazon and Okada Books.

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13 Moons: Prologue


It all ended with the thud of a head; the cheers, the whistling, the finger pointing, the maniacal laughter, all of it. With the swing of a machete, the village executioner sliced the little girl’s head clean off her shoulders before an on-looking crowd of overly excited villagers. That was of course after she was dragged through the village in chains of shame getting stoned, spat on, and covered in mud by the men, women, and children.

‘Liar, Liar.’


‘Kill her, Kill her. By the gods, kill her!’ Continue reading “13 Moons: Prologue”

Ancient and Modern (A play)

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Boss: But she is a woman…

Awkward silence

Chucks: Ermm, I thought there was more to that sentence. I was hoping you would give me a reason not to call sexist.

Boss: Which wan is sesist again?

Chucks: Never mind, 2015 is all relative. Some of us still leave in the 50ies.

Boss: If I hia. So what? Because it is 2015 women are free to be promiscuous? Continue reading “Ancient and Modern (A play)”

Lonely Roads: Prologue and Chapter 1

LR 1

Out: 10/12/2015


THE CIRCUMSTANCE SURROUNDING the birth of Afam Udemba was the kind that made you question the existence and fairness of God. From the very moment he was conceived, his life was marked to be one full of loneliness and all the suffering that came with it. He came out kicking and screaming, but perhaps if he knew what the world held in store for him, he might have reconsidered those first painful breaths. Afam was born an osu – an outcast. In Aboh, that made him a walking plague.

Onuowoli was fully aware of the life that awaited the son she had brought into the world. She was an osu herself, after all. She held him in her arms and questioned if letting him live was the right thing to do. He was so innocent, smears of blood covering his face as he screamed and she hushed him to be quiet. His innocence was his right to live, but it was also his right not to be condemned to the loneliness he was being born into. Continue reading “Lonely Roads: Prologue and Chapter 1”