I am tired of being in a box

I want to be set free from this place

I want to be kissed softly on her lips

Till she loses breath

I want her to inhale my essence with passion

This is more than just a flame 

I want to be there when she is stressed

To calm her body

I want to be the first thing she reaches for in the morning

And I want her to miss me at work

To miss me when she can’t have me

To crave me

We can meet on her launch break

I want her never to listen to what they say about me

She won’t care if I smelled funny

Or if I was poison to her being

I want her to be addicted to me

I want her to take me in; slowly







And when we are done

I want her to love the smell we made

To relax in its ambiance

I want her shirts to smell like me

I want to be the reason she can’t breathe

I want to take her breath away!

Do you think I’m a little obsessed






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