They will come

They will come for you

For me

For all of us

They always come

It is what They do

One by one or all at once

With smiles to bury seething fangs

Paws hiding sharpened claws

They will come

They will come with their weakness

And in a cup They will offer you this venom

To drink

To drink of their weakness

To poison your strength

It is their greatest fear

With their words

They will echo in crowds

Loud lies to silence quiet truths

The truth in you

The light in you


They will not stop

Not till they have snuffed out every flicker

Till like them you have become a zombie

Eyes void of fire

Mind numb to thoughts

A shadow of yourself


Nothing of yourself

A hollow man

Like them


Never be afraid

You must resist

It is the only hope

And no, not silently

You must spit back their venom in their face

You must defecate on all they hold sacred

You must piss on their graves

It’s not worth the liquor for libation

You are better of feeding it to dogs

Not these beasts

Beasts of men


But when alone

Do not forget to weep

To weep for them

For once;

They too were filled with fire and light

Hopes and dreams

Before They got to them

Now They are sick

Sick in mind

Dead in spirit

I weep

For They do not know what They are doing.


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