She wanted to see my dick

So I sent it to her

No, I didn’t sever it with a meat cleaver

That would have been painful

And gruesome too

I sent it to her in a photo

No, not like the kids do with their smartphones

I took a picture of it

Developed the film

Then I had it enlarged and framed it

That’s how I sent it

With a little love note of cause

A gentleman must never be so crass

She reeled with laugher when she received it

That was before her manager asked her what was so funny

Then she went white with dread

He would never understand

Most wouldn’t

To most these appendages are criminal

Legal to own

But criminal to show

Criminal to look at

If you didn’t know better

You wouldn’t guess their parents had to fuck too

Ironic though

The same folk cheer for blood

When they watch these pointless violent movies in theatres

They enjoy seeing man in his savagery

The destructiveness

Repressed beasts

Heaven forbid be caught with porn

I wonder who accounts for all those views

On the internet

The same that shame the famous

When pictures leak


Masquerading pretenders

Fuck em!

They can’t fool me

Some won’t even eat out their wives

But they fuck hookers on their periods

Hell, they drink of the blood

Who are they pretending for?

They pretend for you

They pretend for me

And we pretend for each other

We are all one small part of it

Actors on the stage


Smokes and mirrors

Eve with leaves


What a shame


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