Now or Never

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She said, she said…

I know our lives are but stories in the sands of time

Destined to be washed be the howls of winds and roars of tides

But in this very moment

There is no place in space or time

Alternate realities or far away galaxies

Right here with you, is where I want to be


Losing what it is to be

Where I end and you begin

For a second…

I can almost taste the infinite

And if I should live a thousand lives

I’d die in smile a thousand times

On condition our stars align

Is this fate or a stroke of luck

A game of chance or a planned out dance

Whatever ever it is, I’m by your side.


For what are we here for anyways?

To live and dream?

To love then die?

Whatever it is, I’m by your side

So tonight I want you to take me somewhere I have never been

I want to feel the fire of a thousand suns and the rush of a thousand seas

Wrapped around your love in ecstasy

And I know they say nothing last forever

So if now is all we have

Then I want you, like it’s now or never


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