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Follow me as we march through the gates of Zion,

Fearless hearts on sleeves we are the sons of lions,

Proud in spirit but humble through our triumphs,

From eons to way beyond, forever we live young.

Speak the truth or hold your tongue,

Smile in the face of a loaded gun,

We are the peace keepers and truth seekers,

And we will never rest until we tower over tops higher than Everest

Searching for higher planes to ever rest.

And if you can’t feel the words in my sentences

I hope you feel my heart it’s where my essences is.

Relentless is, our call for peace to prosper for sons and daughters,

The rich and paupers,

I know you too feel this hunger too.

Cause you are me and I am you am you,

Together we stand stronger,

Divided we drown under,

So I ask, as the storms come over shores

Would you go overboard or row these tired oars till they don’t row no more?

Would we wage wars like warriors sure to be victorious?

Or would we waddle weakly like weaklings without an inkling that our ship is sinking?

The revolution will not be won by guns and violence,

The revolution will not be not be won by drugs and silence,

The revolution is here,

The revolution is where?


2 thoughts on “Revolution

  1. Thank you for flooding my timeline with your posts. Have enough reading to do for a while ☺️

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