The Darker Side (Spoken Word)

Love as an ideal idea

Easily taught as a lesson

Not one to be possessive

But no one else can possess this

I wouldn’t say I’m jealous

But tell me who you’re texting

Smiles to your phone to my stomach this is stressing

Didn’t mean lose it at the dinner table and off vexing

But please tell me, to you is this a flex thing?

Flex thing, while you wait on the next thing

Best thing to make me an ex thing?

The type to buy you things that do bling

And nights at the Hilton?

Pardon my insecurities, side effect of my feelings

But see how can I think me worthy, when I think you unworldly

Call you a goddess to be modest

Cause really I think you’re more than

So when I say for you I will make a killing, I’m talking murder

So really imma kill him…no really imma kill him

Hands all bloodied by his body on the telly.

Somebody better tell em

Somebody better tell em

I’ve cheated on before, I’m fucked in my cerebellum

Oh, and as for you bitch…

Cross me, and I swear it’s do or die

I kill you and then it’s suicide

You are now welcome to the darker side


6 thoughts on “The Darker Side (Spoken Word)

  1. sometimes it’s interesting to see a bit of people’s dark sides just so you have an idea…I bet yours isn’t that extreme haha

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