Ancient and Modern (A play)

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Boss: But she is a woman…

Awkward silence

Chucks: Ermm, I thought there was more to that sentence. I was hoping you would give me a reason not to call sexist.

Boss: Which wan is sesist again?

Chucks: Never mind, 2015 is all relative. Some of us still leave in the 50ies.

Boss: If I hia. So what? Because it is 2015 women are free to be promiscuous?

Chucks: Only as free as men. As the saying goes: What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Boss: Tah, so woman will now become bishop too and I will kneel down to take holy-communion from her hand? Were any of the disciples women? Or women will now be the madam of the house. Soon we will be cooking for them.

Chucks: Studies already suggest that this is happening. Women are going to school as much as men and are getting jobs just as well. The only thing standing in the way of the phrase house-husband is the male ego and women not being cool with that provider role.

Boss: You see what I have been saying about your generation. You don’t know that things are done in a sartain way. Men have our roles, and women have theirs. Even animals have a system. Look at lions. The lioness hunts and the male protect the pride.

Chucks: So women should work and men protect the house? I can live with that?

Boss: That’s not what I meant. I meant we all have our gender roles to play.

Chucks: So if I like cooking I should not cook in my matrimonial home because it is not in my role to cook?

Boss: Why would you want to cook? Are you not a man?

Chucks: These days men and women have to work to put food on the table. If you and your wife are working from 8 to 6 which is really 6 to 8 when you factor in naija traffic. Expecting her to be a domestic goddess is like expecting Arsenal to win the league.

Boss: Arsenal will win the league this year.

Chucks: The Lord is your strength. Times are changing granpa, you don’t have to change with it. But that won’t stop it from changing. We can’t define what a person can or cannot be based on what they have between their legs.

Boss: When women stop expecting us to provide we will stop expecting them to cook. Mna gba-agba che- eche.

Chucks: You have a point sha. I have to review where I stand on feminism every time I have to pay for a date but maybe that’s because I just have aka glue.

Boss: If they want equal, it has to be equal for us too. You think I rather not be my wife who is at home and she can be here dealing with your bad mouth. But a man of no means is a man by no means

Chucks: Biko, say that again let me write it down.

Boss: A man of no means is a man by no means. Things have a certain way they are so we need a certain way to do things.


Coming Soon…


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