Aug 13, 2018

Plato and the Party

written by willifmoore

I was at a wedding over the weekend, and thanks to an over-crowded situation, I ended up being sat next to the wisest man in the room. I would describe him as round, dark, grey and pudgy. He apologized for a lack of cushion on my seat which had to be fetched from storage as they had began to run out. I smiled at his concern and assured him my buttocks did not mind. Slowly, he began to speak, first feeling my ears for a pulse of attention, and then almost all at once pouring out the knowledge he had hoped to share.

He spoke of a God Source from which all things emanate and outside which there is no existence, not even nothingness. He spoke of dimensions of existence and frequencies of vibrations that eventually slow down to congeal as matter. He told me about ancient religions and truths that were uncommon, Niburu, Anunaki and the Age of Aquarius were some of his touch points. He waxed strong in quantum physics talking about anti-matter, string theory and even the hydrogen collider that was used to detect the Higgs Boson particle. And he highlighted the possibility of that machine cancelling out existence as we know it. So many things he spoke of, like how the purpose of existence is fun because eternity is boring, and how the God Source manifests in flesh to provide guidance in different cultures. The messenger might differ, but the message is always the same. The man even spoke about how Donald Trump for all his shortcomings is still an instrument in the God Source’s hand. He pointed out that goodness is not a requirement to become an instrument. That even folly in the hands of the Creator can be made useful for even in hell which he described to be a place further away from the Source’s presence, the Source is still there nonetheless (nothing can exist outside the Source’s presence as nothing can be created or sustained in such a place, not space, not time…the place isn’t even a place). He said more than I could type without boring you to death. And as he was about to leave, he asked me to not be content with the drink that leaves my soul thirsty. To read as much as I can about as much as I can. To seek my truth, even if speaking it would make me be seen as insane (a worry he had expressed to have silenced him more often than not).

You see, the old man poured all he could manage to fit in the short time we had, not because he was uncouth and wanted to bother a young man’s peace. No. He spoke because he was listened to without judgement. Unfortunately, for all the freethinking and elevation of consciousness we claim to embody in this era, the realities of Plato’s Cave (you should check out this allegory) is still one we live in.

To be one’s self, truly and fully, is to live one’s truth without fear of reproach.

Depending on who you are, this truth can be a matter of sexuality, religious conviction, political ideology, even just an uncommon or strange passion. More often than not, the world with its need for conformity in the name of order is opposed to this.

So many live in fear. Fear that your difference will force them into an inward gaze of reflection that might ruffle the comfort of safe places they have built in their minds. They fear the concept of growth and how it not possible without pain. They fear to confront the truth that they could have been living lies.

This is why persecution is a price every bearer of truth must be prepared to pay. I would say thanks to the Internet, the price is steeper today than ever, but many have been stoned, crucified, beheaded and even poisoned before today. Do not give into dank submission. Do not be a square peg forced into a round hole. Do not bend yourself until you are liquid just so you can fit into corners that aren’t even meant for you, and do not bend even further becoming gas that is invisible because you deserve to be seen. Be you! Shamelessly, unapologetically, relentlessly. But also be open. Be open to the constant renewal of your mind and changes in your thoughts. Be open to the possibility that your truth like a process will never be over. You are on a journey of discovery. So much inside of you, so much outside of you. Both seamlessly interconnected with only your mind as a barrier.

Remember, all things that do not evolve are already dead. In living, they only exist for the passing of time.


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  • Marianna Pat Aug 13, 2018 Reply

    “Persecution is a price every bearer of truth must be prepared to pay.” So many times people fail to speak the truth, to speak their truth for fear of rejection, persecution, opposition, whatever the choice word is. They fear being the “topic of discussion,” they fear to be seen as the antagonist. A life of fulfillment should include a life of truth, a life that had no fear for man, a life that was open to new ideas, new ways of life, and even rejection- rejection of truths, ideas, relationships, etc. A fulfilled life should include a life that waxed stronger even in the face of persecution. I wish people including my aunt would read and digest this interesting piece and start to see life from another perspective. Good job William!

  • Rosemary Aug 14, 2018 Reply

    Interesting… Just learn to be you no matter what.

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